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Print Services

Printing Services

  • Brochures & Catalogs
  • Postcards
  • Direct Mail
  • Business Cards
  • Stickers & Vinyl
  • Yard Signs & Banners
At Olive Tree Studios we do not own or operate our own presses. We partner with local and online suppliers to deliver the best printing at affordable prices. We choose trade printers who only work with designers and publishing firms. This enables us to get the best prices for your work.

After you sign your project off we send the job to the press that best fits the type of job need. There are three basic classifications of print quality. We rate them as follows:

  • Economy Printing

    This printing is typically done by our online suppliers and often on digital or web presses. Economy printing is ideal for projects with a short lifespan, small quantity runs, or newsprint style catalogs where price per piece is important.

  • Standard Printing

    Our standard printing is usually done on commercial offset press with a high line screen which ensures crisp details. This type of printing is often best suited to brochures and catalogs where quality printing is desired but top color/shade accuracy is not required.

  • Color-critical Printing

    This is the top quality printing when color accuracy is necessary. This is ideal for catalogs that display stains or paints and the color needs to be close to the real life product. With these jobs, usually a designer will visit the press while the job is running to verify colors as they are printed.